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Memorable Toll Free Vanity Phone Number:

1-THIS IS EXPO (1-844- 747-3976) is unique text enabled, toll free number with high recall value. Anyone can connect with you by calling or texting this number using your keywords for the EXPO.

Custom Memorable Toll Free Phone Number:

We can also find the best toll free vanity number appropriate for your business, industry or business name as you choose for purchase as needed (additional cost).

Call Tracking:

All calls coming to you are tracked and even if the caller drops the call after saying your keyword, you will have the caller’s number to communicate.

Call Routing:

Calls to 1-THIS IS EXPO can be forwarded/routed to any working USA or Canada phone number. When the caller says your keyword or chooses your code then call is forwarded to your designated phone number, you will see the caller ID of the caller, all calls are logged in your call history.

Route calls to one or more phones seamlessly. Intelligent call routing based on area code of call origination can be availed by upgrading the service. You can also have multiple phones ring at the same time. For more information on advanced features please contact customer support .

On Demand Coupons/ Auto responder Message:

When a caller calls and opts-in to receive text/coupons, or texts with your keyword or calls and says your keyword, the system can automatically send out your designated message to the caller or texter as a text. This message can be a discount coupon, website link, or any special information.

Unique Text and Voice Keywords:

You can select custom voice keyword and custom text keyword related to your Expo (organizer or exhibitor). You can create custom flyer from your dashboard with few clicks, which will prompt attendees to text your text keyword to 1-THIS IS EXPO, or say your voice keyword when they call 1-THIS IS EXPO. All the callers and texters for your keywords are organized and will be available in your contact manger.

Call Recording:

All calls coming to you are recorded for quality control, you can train your staff and optimize the response.

Flyer Creation:

Generate flyers using vanity number (1-THIS IS EXPO or custom), your keywords and your logo with couple clicks. Print or share this flyer on social media with couple clicks.

SMS/Text Marketing:

Full featured SMS/Text marketing, in which you can personalize the text automatically when sending bulk text, send out flyer or links (short URL capability), scheduling, adding incentives as coupons or special offers, creating text templates, text tracking and rerunning old campaigns and much more.

Email Marketing:

Full featured email marketing, in which you can personalize the email, scheduling, adding incentives as coupons or special offers, creating email templates, tracking emails and rerunning old campaigns and much more.

Automatic Scheduling:

You can plan ahead and schedule your Text and email campaigns for any specific day and time in future and not worry about missing the opportunity. Scheduling Texts and emails ahead of time gives you flexibility and lets you take control of time to communicate with your contacts.

Unlimited contacts and Groups:

Every unique phone number that called or texted you is added to your contact group. However you can upload your own contact list using csv format as provided. There is no limit to how many contacts and groups you can have and use.

Integrated Social Media Broadcasting:

Post any message to twitter and Facebook directly from our platform, once you authorize your account. (Other social media platforms are being integrated).

Tracking of Calls, Texts and Emails:

Robust dashboard with real time tracking on all the activity on phone calls, Texts and Email campaigns on your account. You have options to communicate directly with your contacts via text or email with few clicks.

Voicemails to Email:

If a voicemail is received, it will show the status as voicemail and recording will be available on call report. Your voicemail is also emailed to you.

Analytics and Reporting:

Powerful analytics on what activities are giving your most output in terms of response and leads.

Mobile App for IOS and Android:

In works and should be out soon.

More for EXPO Organizers Only

  • Reporting on Stall booking
  • Reporting on Ticket sales
  • Add Organizer management contacts for EXPO
  • Add speakers and schedule for EXPO
  • Add conference rooms and EXPO areas
  • Add Stall/Booth configuration, pricing and counts
  • Upload EXPO floor plan
  • Generate downloadable EXPO multipage pdf booklet with EXPO schedule,

    speakers, exhibitor list etc. with few clicks.

  • Special auto-responders for attendee and exhibitor requests.
  • Multiple voice and text keywords
  • Ticket printing capability.